bioltec GREENmyGENERATION – Hybrid Center Concept


15.1.2019: Our Hybrid Center Concept Bahamas got mentioned in the magazine “top agrar online”!

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Who We Are

bioltec systems GmbH is a Germany based engineering company founded in2004. With bioltec “GREENmyGENERATION” we offer innovative overall solutionsin renewable energies: Holding several international patents our experts develop and applicate the unique bioltec product lines and provide consulting services and training programs – from customer-specific special applications to international field tests and OEM projects. bioltec operates internationally in Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Italy, Great Britain, Brazil, Colombia and The Bahamas.

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Our Vision

bioltec´s GREENmyGENERATION equally embraces technique, resource management and the people who work with both, in accordance with the three dimensions of sustainability:






The Hybrid Center Concept aims at implementing a tangible experience on renewable energies. Carefully adopted to the local demands we focus on Demonstration, Training and Application of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Mobility.

Green power generation genially converting all generations!

bioltec's Mission

The largest and most successful project since our entry into the market in 2004 has been the conversion of standard diesel engines so that they can be operated with biogenic fuels such as vegetable oils, animal fats and biodiesel FAME (methyl ester of fatty acids), as well as fuels based on used cooking oil (UCO).

Apart from technological development and transfer, bioltec focuses on providing and maintaining the know-how of users with different skills for all procedures and adapting them to the corresponding local needs. This philosophy is the key to the success of many projects carried out nationally and internationally.

Within the framework of bioltec’s training courses, the technical content is put into a wider context through comprehensive awareness raising on the environment and sustainable development based on the logic of material flow.


Lower expenditure on financial resources

Lower environmental impact

Increased employment and prosperity